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Eagle Hill School, Hardwick House

KG+D completed additions and renovations to the Eagle Hill Schools’ Hardwick House. The project created a new main entry sequence, improved vertical circulation, renovated administrative offices and renovated and repurposed classroom and dormitory spaces. The Great Hall dining space was renovated and includes a new kitchen and servery, the option for private dining spaces and an adjacent outdoor terrace featuring a fire pit.

Middletown High School, Pool Facility

KG+D completed a renovation and rehabilitation of the Midddletown High School pool facility. The project included an assessment of the existing facilities and the development of a comprehensive report. The findings resulted in the replacement of pool systems including a new Chloramine Evacuator and Ultraviolet Filtration as well as a new HVAC system and pool boiler replacement. Additionally, updated finishes included the pool deck, pool basin, and diving boards.

Chappaqua Library

KG+D collaborated with the Chappaqua Library on an additions and renovations project. Additions include a new children’s area, a new teen activity center and cafe. The renovated spaces include the existing children’s area, office spaces, staff areas and restroom facilities. The new children’s area will utilize flexible furniture and have a computer zone, study spaces, a reading pod and direct access to a grass courtyard. The teen activity center is an open space lined with glass window walls and featuring flexible furniture for small and large group gathering. There is an adjacent café space as well as a small study/presentation/meeting room.

Middletown High School, Innovation Lab

The overarching goal for the Middletown High School project was to ‘build out the feeling of poverty’ and create a larger vision of a school that didn’t feel economically restrained. The project developed a 10,000sf, technology infused, learning commons at the high school’s center as well as a 28,000sf addition with a 1760sf innovation space, new entry sequence and connection to a new classroom wing.

Trinity Pawling, Smith Field House

The Smith Field House project involved an addition that joined multiple disconnected athletic facilities—including a gymnasium, wrestling pavilion, squash courts and ice rink—to create a central athletic hub on campus. At approximately 30,000sf, the field house is now the largest building on campus, and it houses a gymnasium with two full basketball courts with upper-level spectator seating, a half court with workout space, a new main entry and lobby space, a terrace gathering spaces and an Alumni and Athletic Hall of Fame Room.

Bronxville High School, Auditorium Restoration

Originally built in 1922, the Bronxville School auditorium was urgently in need of reconfiguration and restoration. In spite of ongoing work to maintain the facility, by 2012 the auditorium was in a state of disrepair with missing seats, poor lighting, improper sightlines, and non-functional balcony that was no longer in use. Additionally, a 1960s renovation created a false proscenium over the original and closed in the tall windows on both sides of the auditorium. As a result, the renovated proscenium swallowed performance sound and the lack of natural light reduced the auditorium’s flexibility.

Great Neck Public Library

The Great Neck Public Library main branch facility was transformed—generally within the footprint of the existing building—into a flexible 21st Century Library. The overall project goal for the renovation of the original 1970’s building was to create a more open, user friendly and inviting environment throughout the library, while utilizing views of Udall Pond. To accomplish this goal, the design solution relocated and reconfigured a number of library functions and spaces in order to better facilitate the library’s programming.

The initial phase of the design process explored several design solutions based on the detailed design program developed by the community based Building Advisory Committee. The selected solution reconfigured the main entry, created a larger and more accessible Community Room, converted space for books into areas for patrons, relocated and expanded the Children’s area and improved the buildings systems and infrastructure.

Le Chateau

The design team collaborated with Elegant Banquets on the renovation of the former Le Chateau restaurant into a banquet hall for weddings and events. The project included an addition of a banquet hall/event space with a dance floor and adjacent bar and renovations to the spaces connecting the existing structure including pre-function spaces and the cocktail lounge.

CV Starr Intermediate School

KG+D completed a two-story and four-classroom addition for the CV Starr Intermediate School. The addition was connected by new corridors and a stairwell and houses fourth grade classrooms. The wing has SGI classrooms on each level and the classrooms feature a moveable wall to allow for inter-classroom collaboration and custom casework to enhance storage and work display.

Fairview Country Club

The Fairview Country Club’s goal was to maximize the club’s offerings to its clients, without changing the structure that guests have come to know and enjoy. The project added two outdoor terraces and a grill room and renovated the main dining room, the lounge and lobby.

The reimagined entry sequence sought to create a memorable first impression that established the tone and feel of the club overall. The first touch point is open and welcoming and provides views to the new East Terrace and golf course.

KG+D’s President Calls for Development of Social Infrastructure

In response to the Journal News’ recent articles about the Regional Plan Associations plan for rail expansions and a study detailing NYC suburbs’ need for more transit-oriented homes, KG+D’s President, Russ Davidson, calls for the development of social infrastructure.

It is the schools, libraries, parks, town halls, police stations and fire stations that are the core of the social infrastructure that define our communities.

Read the full article here.

Yale University, Golf Learning Center + Driving Range

The design team collaborated with a higher education institution to develop a new Golf Learning Center and Driving Range that matched and supported their prestigious athletic programming. The design process explored several options with the final solution being a single-story facility with indoor/outdoor practice areas overlooking a new driving range. The facility includes Women’s and Men’s Golf Team Suites, a flexible Training Pavilion, and outdoor gathering and viewing terraces.

Post Road Elementary School

The project for the Post Road Elementary School involved the replacement of an aging traditional 1914 school building with a vibrant 21st Century educational facility that has earned an Energy Star rating of 100 and at the time completion it was the most energy-efficient public school in New York State. The goal was to create an inviting and engaging neighborhood school that supported the district’s emerging programming and enrollment needs while utilizing responsible design solutions.