Monthly Archives: February 2016

Grinton I. Will Library

KG+D collaborated with the Yonkers’ Will Library to restore “in-kind” their mid-century modern facility designed by Eli Rabineau, while keeping the existing aesthetic, improving daylighting and meeting current code requirements. The project replaced failed concrete cladding, replaced outdated window systems, replaced degraded exterior shading systems and replaced related exterior elements including guard rails, doors and signage. The process for the replacement of the exterior shading system involved an extensive solar shading study – vertical sunshades were utilized to allow in more light and protect against ultraviolet rays. The second phase of the project replace the façade’s cement panels with terra-cotta panels that offered insultation and a vapor barrier, which made a huge impact on the sustainability of the building and increased its energy efficiency. The re-envision façade not only upgrades the façade panels and curtain wall but allows for a refreshed appearance that visually re-energizes the building. In addition to the exterior renovations, KG+D is now working with the Will Library on various interior renovations including upgrades to their community room and computer labs.