Monthly Archives: December 2021

The Ursuline School

Client: The Ursuline School

Project Scope: KG+D collaborated with The Ursuline School to develop a campus master plan that encompasses 5 phases planned over a span of 15 years. Some of the priority projects that the master planning process identified include an improved main entrance, the development of informal learning and social spaces, improved connections between campus buildings and various infrastructure and security improvements. KG+D is completed the implementation of Phase I projects which included a new lobby and welcome center, high tech media and conference center, and maker’s spaces.

Completion Date: Sept 2021

Tuckahoe UFSD Cottle Elementary School

Client: Tuckahoe UFSD

Project Scope: KG+D collaborated with the Tuckahoe UFSD to develop district-wide phased capital improvement projects. Projects for Cottle Elementary school included a second-floor classroom addition with a central STEAM classroom as well as important security upgrades.

Completion Date: Sept 2021

Putnam Valley CSD High School Wellness Center


Client: Putnam Valley CSD

Project Scope: KG+D collaborated with the Putnam Valley CSD to develop a High School Wellness Center. The facility was designed to support and enable active learning opportunities as well as meet the needs of student-athletes and community programs. The center includes an indoor turf, perimeter area for walking/jogging, 140×80 central field area, netting system to divide spaces, batting cages, area for digital instruction including wall mounted collaboration tables and Kinesiology Wall.

Completion Date: September 2020