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Westchester County, Merestead Mansion

The completed restoration work included slate tile roof and copper Yankee gutter replacement as well as flat seam zinc coated roof repair, all painted wood trim, exterior window and door restoration, balcony balustrade restoration, brick veneer and limestone cleaning and restoration, and terracotta tile patio replacement. The project also included stormwater management around perimeter of the former residence. Design work to restore the interior including floor/wall/ceiling interior finishes as well as mechanical, electrical and fire protection completed for future restoration. Collaborated with Westchester County Parks, DPW, and HPAC.

Town of Bedford, Bedford Hills Community House

Following a comprehensive facilities assessment process, KG+D collaborated with the Bedford Hills Community House to complete various capital improvement projects throughout the center. Projects include the addition of an elevator, HVAC improvements, window, doors and roof replacement, site improvements, flooring replacements, new lighting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, renovate conference room, replace stairs and complete electrical system upgrade. The project goal is to assist the Town of Bedford in continuing to maintain and restore the property and facility to allow it to continue to be a distinctive part of the Bedford Hills community.

Town of Cortlandt, Montrose + Verplanck Planning

KG+D collaborated with the Town of Cortlandt to develop conceptual design options for the redevelopment of the downtown Hamlet of Montrose and the potential development at Quarry Park in the Hamlet of Verplanck. Both studies have been used to effectively communicate the Town’s vision and build community support through a detailed planning process and exceptional visual graphics.

Town of Harrison, Sollazzo Recreation Center

KG+D is currently collaborating with the Town of Harrison on the planning, design and development of a replacement recreation center. The new center will be approximately 42,000sf and feature basketball court space for two games to occur simultaneously, a general multi-purpose room with support pantry, a recreation game room, an arts and crafts room and a computer room. Additional spaces include a fitness center, locker rooms and office space. There will be parking options onsite, under the building and offsite.

Chappaqua Library

KG+D collaborated with the Chappaqua Library on an additions and renovations project. Additions include a new children’s area, a new teen activity center and cafe. The renovated spaces include the existing children’s area, office spaces, staff areas and restroom facilities. The new children’s area will utilize flexible furniture and have a computer zone, study spaces, a reading pod and direct access to a grass courtyard. The teen activity center is an open space lined with glass window walls and featuring flexible furniture for small and large group gathering. There is an adjacent café space as well as a small study/presentation/meeting room.

Great Neck Public Library

The Great Neck Public Library main branch facility was transformed—generally within the footprint of the existing building—into a flexible 21st Century Library. The overall project goal for the renovation of the original 1970’s building was to create a more open, user friendly and inviting environment throughout the library, while utilizing views of Udall Pond. To accomplish this goal, the design solution relocated and reconfigured a number of library functions and spaces in order to better facilitate the library’s programming.

The initial phase of the design process explored several design solutions based on the detailed design program developed by the community based Building Advisory Committee. The selected solution reconfigured the main entry, created a larger and more accessible Community Room, converted space for books into areas for patrons, relocated and expanded the Children’s area and improved the buildings systems and infrastructure.

Grinton I. Will Library

KG+D collaborated with the Yonkers’ Will Library to restore “in-kind” their mid-century modern facility designed by Eli Rabineau, while keeping the existing aesthetic, improving daylighting and meeting current code requirements. The project replaced failed concrete cladding, replaced outdated window systems, replaced degraded exterior shading systems and replaced related exterior elements including guard rails, doors and signage. The process for the replacement of the exterior shading system involved an extensive solar shading study – vertical sunshades were utilized to allow in more light and protect against ultraviolet rays. The second phase of the project replace the façade’s cement panels with terra-cotta panels that offered insultation and a vapor barrier, which made a huge impact on the sustainability of the building and increased its energy efficiency. The re-envision façade not only upgrades the façade panels and curtain wall but allows for a refreshed appearance that visually re-energizes the building. In addition to the exterior renovations, KG+D is now working with the Will Library on various interior renovations including upgrades to their community room and computer labs.

Westchester County, Playland Bathhouse Restoration

The project scope for the Playland Bathhouse Restoration included extensive abatement of hazardous materials, complete removal and replacement of roofing systems, replacement of masonry walls, survey of structural conditions, restoration of the building’s foundation, reconstruction and replacement of light monitors and clerestory windows. This project is designed to LEED Silver criteria level.