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SUNY Purchase College, Physical Education Building

The 1973 Physical Education Building was designed by the campus master plan architect, Edward Larrabee Barnes. It had many masonry issues, an inaccessible main entrance, a failed roof and 200-foot-long ridge skylight. A completely re-designed main entry sequence includes a new plaza, a channel glass vestibule, a curved balcony that connects the entry to the elevator. All of the windows and the ridge skylight were replaced utilizing brighter energy efficient framing and glazing. The most pressing needs were not only addressed but also the causes for the problems were diagnosed and solved within the original budget constraints. This results in a renewed facility that is brighter, more energy efficient and a healthier indoor environment.

SUNY Purchase College, Dining Hall

The 1972 Dining Hall was designed by Gwathmey & Siegel. The single glazed storefront and windows were replaced with high performance curtain wall and insulated glass incorporating more operable windows for natural ventilation and to reduce overheating. The design approach utilized “blind” mullions to conceal the multiple forms of new glazing so that the original appearance of monumental sheets of single pane glass was not altered. The addition of an exterior shading system also minimizes heat gain. An exterior stair and entry was rebuilt to the lower level to provide a more direct access route for students. This pathway is critical to re-position the building on the paths that students actually use rather than how the original design anticipated student movement.

Scarsdale High School, Learning Commons + Design Lab

The Learning Commons was developed in the original gymnasium and is comprised of the main floor and a new mezzanine level. A “learning stair” connects the two levels providing an easy connection and creating informal “stadium-like” seating for gathering and performance. On both levels, the main spaces are flanked by two glass-fronted small group spaces that can be used for conferences, group work, or small classes.

Scarsdale High School, Fitness Center

The overarching goal of the Scarsdale High School project was to maximize underutilized areas of the building in order to create modern fitness facilities supportive of the High School’s Next Generation student. The Fitness Center was relocated to a former storage room with large windows and direct access to the playing fields. The concept includes a central area with cardio equipment and a stretching and free weight area in addition to two distinct weight training stations. The space was designed to provide adequate year-round training for the full range of athletic teams and support the physical education curriculum, which emphasizes lifelong fitness.