Bronxville Schools Auditorium Grand Opening

Ribbon cutting for Bronxville Schools' newly renovated auditorium.
Ribbon cutting for Bronxville Schools’ newly renovated auditorium.

The Bronxville School celebrated the grand opening of its newly renovated auditorium on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. The celebration featured performances by members of the Bronxville High School Chorus, Orchestra and Band, as well as a special recognition of the PTA, Bronxville School Foundation and private donors who were instrumental in the success of the renovation project.

Originally built in 1922, the Bronxville School auditorium was urgently in need of reconfiguration and restoration. In spite of ongoing work to maintain the facility, by 2012 the auditorium was in a state of disrepair with missing seats, poor lighting, improper sightlines, and non-functional balcony that was no longer in use. Additionally, a 1960s renovation created a false proscenium over the original and closed in the tall windows on both sides of the auditorium. As a result, the renovated proscenium swallowed performance sound and the lack of natural light reduced the auditorium’s flexibility.

KG+D partnered with the Bronxville USFD to collaboratively restore the beauty and functionality of the original auditorium while incorporating 21st Century elements to create a multi-use space for the Bronxville community. The project goals included maximizing seating capacity and performance space, improving sightlines and the overall acoustics of the space and creating a separate space for public access.

The Bronxville Auditorium is a flexible, accessible and technologically advanced theater space that functions as the center of the Bronxville School Community and is an asset to the Village of Bronxville.

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